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Discover the Function and Design of Automatic Watches

Discover the Function and Design of Automatic Watches

The wrist watch made its appearance in the 1800's when wearing a pocket watch became impractical. Watches are made by precision artisans located all over the world. Germany is known for some of the finest watches available today. Anyone interested in purchasing an automatic watch could see it advertised online as automatikuhren, which is German for automatic. An automatic watch is designed to be self-winding through the natural motion of a person's arm. Automatic watches are available in a variety of styles including some that are designed specifically for men or women.

Functional Watches

When shopping for an automatic or automatikuhren watch online, people will find them available in styles designed for diving. The description associated with a diver's watch should include the depth the watch is good to and the type of illumination the watch has when underwater. The strap on an automatic diver's watch will usually be made of rubber to prevent it from becoming damaged. Some of the automatic watches are created to have multiple functions. They could have inset dials for marking the seconds as well as a calendar. Although these watches are self-winding they could have exterior buttons for setting the date and seconds.

Spectacular Designs

The ability to have a watch that winds itself is pretty amazing, but the designs available for these watches are also pretty spectacular. Not only will people be able to view the correct time on an automatic watch, but they can also use it to make a fashion statement. The lines on the Ebel Wave model create a flowing appearance on the band. Constructed using contrasting colors of silver and gold this watch has a contemporary, yet distinctive appearance. Several other models are created with open inset faces that allow the inner workings of the watch to be seen from the surface, creating a steampunk or art nouveau type of style. For more ideas click this automatikuhren.

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